Recently, I became aware of a whole new concept, which is really popular with generation Y nowadays. That we can no longer ignore lifestyle tracking is pretty obvious. Not only is everybody keeping track of their health and condition through apps such as Nike Run, Evi and pedometers these days, we can’t seem to be able to live without the popular Apple Watches anymore. But still, I have noticed that everything that we have tried to digitalise over the last 15 years, seems to shift back to the offline world. You can find a lot of materials to enhance your offline creativity in bookstores nowadays, such as colouring books for adults and all sort of tools for practicing calligraphy. That is how the immensely popular ‘bullet journal’ caught my eye.

The possibilities of the bullet journal struck me by surprise and I was amazed by it: a notebook that you fill up in your own creative way, not only to keep track of your daily tasks and appointments, but also to be able to track your habits and goals. ‘Bullet journaling’ is first and foremost a system to be able to work through to-do lists in a productive way, but it has turned into an creative outlet for the bullet journalist thanks to the unique creations. What fascinates me the most about this trend is that it appears that generation Y is no longer dependent on digital tools, but is thinking about how they can visualise certain data offline for themselves. But what does visualising actually mean?

Bullet Journal by Rachel Kabelaar

Credits: Pascalle Karthaus


The other day, I bought the mega inspiring book ‘Visual Thinking’ by Willemien Brand. She knows how to strongly explain what visualising entails and how we can make use of it. Basically, visualising is transferring thoughts and facts into images. You can do this by drawing/sketching, but also through means of visualisation tools. In this way, you can make certain processes more clear and more easy to explain by visualising your thoughts and facts. It is with reason that many companies make use of visualisation tools: because of the enormous amounts of information that companies have to deal with on a daily basis, it is barely possible to be able to process this information quickly if it is not visualised. Companies have to be able to adapt quickly, which is not possible when they have to deal with an ‘information overload’. By visualizing the most important information, the information can be processed more quickly and the creative ability of teams will be stimulated. Visualising is, therefore, not only effective, but also efficient.

But what exactly happens when we draw to visualize? According to Brand, we get our thoughts in order and we simplify complex information to make it more understandable. Also, it will bring up various perspectives: one person visualizes in a completely different way than another person, which can provide different angles on the same subject. By presenting information to others in a creative fashion, they will be interested much longer and you will not only address their heads, but their hearts too. You can do this by creating visuals that are not just creative, but also radiate passion for what you are trying to tell.

Tip: to engage your audience, you can send mails with inspiring quotes or highlights in the weeks prior to the event, like Uspire did. You can also do this post-event, to remind the audience of the highlights of the day. It is, after all, all about the customer journey!


Because visual thinking helps people to clear their thoughts and gain new insights and ideas, it is one of our top priorities. We would very much like to help our clients gain these new insights. Therefore, we don’t just offer workshops on visual thinking, we also support meetings and events on a regular basis with our visual recording techniques. An example of this visual recording can be found in my blogpost about the Uspire event which we recently attended.



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Lacking creativity, inspiration, time or do you just don’t know how to get started on your presentation? Or are you just curious? Don’t hesitate to contact me!

I look forward to working together.


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